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When you purchase this option, you’ll get everything you’d expect from an eBook cover designer: front cover, spine, back cover with your blurb etc. Also, you’ll get the eBook cover along with this. Please note, that this deal does not include a 3D mock-up cover.

If you’ve purchased a eBook cover from us separately ( which does include a free, bonus 3D mock-up ) then you can at a later date request a print package for that cover. If you find yourself in this scenario then please contact us for more information rather than use the order online order forms. You’ll provide us with any images such as an author photo, blurb and ISBN barcode if you have one. We’ll place all that on the back cover. Depending on the provided information, we may design a couple of versions for you to chose from. This may be necessary if the details given lend themselves to varying, proposed layouts. We will continue to work with you, making sure that the final cover is what you want.



If you do choose to upgrade to the print option, then this is an upgrade from the pre-designed eBook option. That will be the cost of the eBook cover $69.00 and the cost of the upgrade to print $50.00, totalling $119.00. Please specify the option “Full Print Package” from the “Ebook and Print options” once you have selected the cover. The ordering process will be re-iterated below the chosen cover for ease of reference. You can request minor tweaks here too. Unlike other cover designers, we are not rigid on the number of changes. On checkout, you’ll be given the option to enter your print book details. You will need to re-confirm the service you need  “Full Print Package” Once the order form has been completed then be sure to check out with PayPal.  If you are unsure about any details then we’ll contact you so that we work together to ensure that we’ll have all the information we need to create your full wraparound print cover.

This option if the full print package, which is based upon either the purcahse of a pre-designed cover along with the full, wraparound cover. If you need a custom cover along wtih a print cover then please contact us. Genrally the cost would be the price of the custom cover $99.00 plus $50.00 for the print cover but this may vary depending on the level of custom work required for the custom cover.



Once we have received both payment and cover submission details, we’ll send you an order confirmation to let you know that we’re working on your cover. We’ll contact you via email and confirm the details with you to ensure we have all the information we need.

If you are uploading to either Ingram Spark or KDP, then we will use the templates that they use to ensure that the cover meets their requirements upon upload. We’ll send you a proof for review. Once you are happy with the cover, we’ll send you the high resolution cover for you to upload to you’re print on demand platform.  

If you are unsure about trim sizes etc then speak to us and we'll take care of it.

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