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If you’re here and you’ve been searching for an eBook cover designer then it’s probably because you understand the importance of having a decent book cover, whether that be in eBook format only or and print versions. First impressions do absolutely matter when it comes to judging a book by its cover. Whether you have your book listed on Amazon or IBooks or another platform, you have about two seconds to impress a potential reader. This is where it can be tricky, as your cover needs to fit in with your chosen genre and conform to points of familiarity but at the same time stand out to ensure that a potential reader stops on your cover to find out more.


There’s lots of points to consider when choosing a cover: what will it look like at a thumbnail size? Does it convey the essence, tone, style and theme of your story? How will it look when converted to physical, print format? But, here’s the thing. You don’t need to worry about those questions. We’ve asked them all… and answered them too by ensuring that our covers meet all these demands and requirements.


We use royalty-free stock images for our designs. Our stock images are licensed for unlimited, commercial use. Copyright credit is not required.

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