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Some eBook cover deisgners use low-res images from free stock site. Our custom ebook covers use only the highest quality stock images, whether they be for a series of horror books or thrillers etc. There is no option to purchase a custom cover outright. This is because there is such a diverse level of design that establishing a fair price before we know what designing the cover will entail is tricky. What you’ll receive is a full eBook cover that is of the same level of design and quality as the pre-designed covers. The difference – it will be based upon your own concept. As with our pre-designed covers, there are unlimited revisions.


Box sets allso fall within the Custom Cover catergory. If you're interested in a series boxset then contact us for more information.



Email us with the request for a custom ebook cover and we’ll get back to you and work together on getting what you want. We’ll start by sending you details of what you’d need to send us. E.g. The genre, the theme of the story, synopsis etc and a brief regarding locale, characters etc. Once we have a concept in place, we’ll send you three versions. It is at that point that we’ll establish a price as we’ll know then the level of work involved. We’ll then send an invoice via PayPal for an agreed amount. Generally the cost would be the price of a pre-made cover $69.00 plus £30.00 for the extra work – totalling £99.00. However, this may vary depending upon your requirements. But, you can rest assured that we are still cheaper than other eBook cover deisgners.



From the three proposed ebook cover versions, you can choose one or specify aspects you may like from each for us to shape and develop a single concept. This can be tweaked to ensure you’re happy with the design.  Once you have chosen a version then we’ll tweak it and create different iterations of that version until you’re happy.  Once you’re happy with the cover, we’ll send you the high resolution file in .jpg format as well as a 3d mock-up.

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