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About this cover

This eBook cover is available at 300 dpi resolution at a pixel size of 1500 x 2400 at 5x8 inches. If you have a preferred size then please enter that information in the notes option upon checkout. The cover is available in the following file formats: .jpg

The cover is unique and it is sold only once and will be marked as SOLD on the site so that it will not be sold to anyone else. However, the artwork with still be visible on the site for illustrative purposes only.  


Requests for minor tweaks are available for this cover. The slight changes permissible are as follows: Overall tint of colour, levels of darkness and light, depth of shading and silhouettes etc. Please note that the images themselves cannot be changed or moved or swapped out. 


As a Bonus you’ll receive a FREE 3d mock-up with your eBook cover and the print option if you choose this. During checkout you can specify if you’d like to receive a book mock-up or a tablet mock-up using the notes option.


If you do choose to upgrade to the print option, then this is an upgrade from the eBook option. That will be the cost of the eBook cover $69.00 and the cost of the upgrade to print $50.00, totalling $119.00.  On checkout, you’ll be given the option to enter print book details.

The Unknown

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