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The Many Faces Of Carrie

I have been reading horror stories since I was old enough to read. I guess it’s almost impossible to read horror without touching upon Stephen King seeing that he is the “king” of horror… as they say. Since it’s publication in 1974 Carrie has seen many iterations, filling that cover with varying degrees of menace. Some have emphasised the supernatural tone of the story while others have pushed the blood and gore. Carrie White always manages to convey that contradictory impression of being both victim and well… a kick-ass high-school girl that you don’t want to mess with. There’s been several movie adaptations and even a musical. But here are some of the covers of Carrie spanning the decades, hardback versions, which sold only 13,000, to paperback editions, selling more than a million in its first year, to digital formats that are still selling well today.

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